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Michigan State v Notre Dame Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

It’s Twittermania Wednesday. After an exhausting weekend and another emotional roller coaster of a game, let’s hope the Irish can get back on track this Saturday against Duke. Duke is usually considered a “basketball school”, though ND men’s hoops has dominated them is recent history (in your face). Kizer and the Irish offense should have no problem lighting up the Blue Devil defense, but I’d like to propose putting the entire ACC tournament champion Notre Dame men’s basketball team in our secondary. At least those guys had heart!


A picture is worth 1,000 words. In this case, I think “WTF?!” would suffice.


I like this take. I think that most people agree that Kelly is generally a good coach who is capable of coaching a team to a national championship. But in this day and age, it seems virtually impossible to recruit with the likes of Alabama and Ohio State while coaching at a school like Notre Dame that places such an emphasis on smart kids who will (more times than not) be a good reflection of the principles that the university is trying to uphold. And don’t tell me that Michigan has the same academic standard for athletes, because that is not true.


I was at the game last Saturday night and agree, to an extent. There is no question that Notre Dame Stadium was absolutely rocking for kickoff. But how could it not be? A mixture of 10+ hours of day drinking plus the energy and anticipation that inevitably comes with a game under the lights made for an electric atmosphere at first. But after the first few MSU scores the place got incredibly flat. I get that crowds are subject to getting quieter as their team continues to go down by more points, and maybe it was everyone’s collective hangovers from the daylong tailgate setting in, but you could’ve heard a pin drop in there after about a quarter and a half. Well, you could hear the people around you bitching under their breath, but no real home field advantage seemed apparent.


We don’t have time for your negativity, Ed! We’ve got a long road ahead of us, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t end up in very respectable bowl game. The only game that really worries me on paper is Stanford. Realistically, we still have one of the most capable offenses in the country.


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