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Noon Kickoff For Notre Dame VS Syracuse Is Exactly What We Need

Notre Dame is on the road and NOT in prime time. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

With all that has been going on with Notre Dame football and the story it has created with its most recent loss to the Michigan State Spartans, I forgot to take the time and smile over a very delightful fact... Notre Dame will play Syracuse at MetLife Stadium- AND IT’S A NOON KICKOFF!

I’m excited about some early football, but before I get into why, let’s take a look at the horrible mistakes the Notre Dame Football Twitter account has made:

  • According to their emoji the game is on March 21. WRONG.
  • According to their emoji the game starts at 3. WRONG.
  • According to their emoji the stadium is TBD. WRONG.
  • According to their emoji the game will be broadcast in analog. WRONG.

C’mon Notre Dame Football Twitter account... y’all need to get your facts straight. The emoji-only-speaking people of the world will be lost.

OKAY, now that we got that out of the way, we can get to celebrating.

Seriously though, thank the gods. Notre Dame football is an extremely sellable product and, of course, the best way to sell that product has traditionally been in prime time. Maybe it’s because of Notre Dame’s 1-2 start or maybe it’s because the Fighting Irish are playing Syracuse or maybe it’s because of the NFL game the next afternoon... it doesn’t matter.

Notre Dame will be fighting a perception problem for most of the season- and rightfully so. If Notre Dame beats Duke, and then beats Syracuse, most can legitimately say that Notre Dame is gradually getting better now. And THAT narrative is sold and highlights shown all day long and into the night, and hopefully it kind of disappears from memory. A night game would allow more time for negative banter about the Irish and their most recent struggles despite any victory against Duke.

I know this seems silly, but watch how it plays out and you’ll notice the difference. Notre Dame probably needs a little time out of the national spotlight to regroup and get back on track. This kickoff time allows it (and I was screwed if it was a night game).