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Notre Dame VS Texas: Staff Picks

Time to get serious and make some public statements.

Notre Dame v Pittsburgh Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

After months and months of waiting and anticipation, Notre Dame will finally start the season against Texas on Sunday in Austin. It couldn’t come any sooner.

The offseason was unusually quiet, which made this whole quarterback controversy that much more unbearable than usual. It was all anyone wanted to talk about, and once they did find something else to discuss, people eventually landed back home with momma and the quarterback battle.

Of course, we should have known better. It didn’t take long after camp to create a whole new set of problems when SIX Notre Dame football players got arrested in ONE night during TWO different incidents.

Despite all of that, the excitement for the season is plentiful across Notre Dame nation. Can the Irish make the playoffs? That question stands alone to encompass all others. Part of that question will be answered on Sunday.

The staff here at One Foot Down made its picks:

Puppet Notre Dame @ Texas USC VS Alabama Wisconsin VS LSU YTD
Joshua Vowles ND 31-17 Bama Wisconsin 0-0
Pat Sullivan ND 41-31 Bama LSU 0-0
Wes Sweigert TX 31-29 USC Wisconsin 0-0
Martin Sweigert ND 34-28 Bama LSU 0-0
Bobby Norell ND 34-24 Bama LSU 0-0
Jeremy Keown ND 34-24 Bama LSU 0-0
Pat McGovern ND 38-21 Bama LSU 0-0
Brad Wechter ND 28-24 USC LSU 0-0
Phil Mosey ND 24-17 Bama LSU 0-0
Steve Herring ND 23-14 Bama LSU 0-0