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One Foot Down Podcast: Michigan State Post Game

Some serious questions need to be asked.

What the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here. - Radiohead

I was at the game, and quite frankly, it was not enjoyable. Despite the gracious hospitality of my ND “twitter family,” a free ticket, and a marquee matchup at night, the tone was set on the opening kickoff with a Notre Dame blocker being totally run over and called for holding. From that point, rather than blowing the doors off of Michigan State, Notre Dame blows a golden opportunity and takes us fans down a deep, dark, tunnel of emotions (per usual).

As such, the most recent ND Fan Radio show, also known as your One Foot Down podcast, is a cornucopia of profanity, sleep deprivation, and frustration. It is quintessential Notre Dame fandom, in a nifty downloadable format. Enjoy.

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