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Pocket presence! Kizer hangs in there, keeps the Irish in the game

We might have ourselves a game, as the Irish trail 36-28

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Notre Dame Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Durham Smythe is in the building, ladies and gentleman. And DeShone Kizer is showing some serious pocket presence.

A pass-heavy drive resulted in another touchdown for the Fighting Irish, as Kizer hooked up with Kevin Stepherson, Torii Hunter Jr, and finally, Durham Smythe to pull the Irish within striking distance. This isn’t the first time this evening that DeShone Kizer has hung in the pocket, taken a beating, and delivered a great throw. There was some speculation around halftime that the Irish QB might be injured, but he continues to deliver under the circumstances.

Now, the Irish rely on the defense, which has shown a little bit of moxey over the past few drives, to get off the field. The stadium seems to be re-ignited, and the pressure is on the Spartans at this point. We’ll see what happens going forward, but for now, the Irish are back in it, and Notre Dame fans everywhere are assuredly having the same coronary I am.