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Staff Picks: Michigan State Week

The One Foot Down Staff tosses their picks in the air- and blasts them with an explosive arrow from a crossbow.

Nevada v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

What a week it was last week. It’s not that the week 2 games turned out to be an incredible lineup of fun. No, but because on paper it looked like such a big yawner, and then ended up with quite a few interesting games and results... it almost seemed incredible.

You friends here at OFD weren’t all that incredible. TCU screwed things up for a few, and if they didn’t, it was Virginia Tech (add screwing up Notre Dame’s strength of schedule to the list as well). Only Steve Herring was able to lock it in and be a champion by getting all three correct.

How will this week fare?

There are actually quite a few good games to go along with some really great games in week three. To accompany the Notre Dame Fighting Irish showdown with the Michigan State Spartans, we have:

USC Trojans vs Stanford Cardinal
Louisville Cardinals vs Florida State Seminoles

The picks are in, and you can play along if you like.

Puppet Notre Dame VS MSU FSU VS Louisville USC VS Stanford YTD
Joshua Vowles ND Louisville USC 3-3
Pat Sullivan ND FSU USC 2-4
Wes Sweigert ND FSU Stanford 4-2
Martin Sweigert ND FSU Stanford 2-4
Bobby Norell ND Louisville USC 3-3
Jeremy Keown MSU Louisville Stanford 2-4
Brad Wechter ND Louisville Stanford 2-4
Phil Mosey ND Louisville Stanford 3-3
Steve Herring ND FSU Stanford 4-2