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The 5th Down With Romeo Okwara And Jimmy Clausen

Steve Herring interviews former Notre Dame football standouts, Romeo Okwara and Jimmy Clausen.

Washington v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

After being off for a week, One Foot Down’s resident podcast interviewer and water specialist, Steve Herring, brings his ‘5th Down’ specials back to the site and as part of the One Foot Down Podcast.

This week, the artist also known as @ManCaveQB makes it a 2 for 1 special with former Notre Dame standouts, Romeo Okwara and Jimmy Clausen.

Romeo Okwara has made the team for the New York Giants after going undrafted in the 2016 NFL Draft. Okwara looked great in the Giants preseason games, and looks to make a major contribution to the team in his rookie season. Remember, Okwara is incredibly young. He arrived at Notre Dame at 16 years old. There freshmen in college right now that are about his age.

Jimmy Clausen is a legend. While some of those legends will have a negative connotation attached to them, he was without a doubt the most accurate passer in Notre Dame history. The kid could toss a pretty damn good deep ball too. He offers up some nice insight and analysis into the game, remembers the Golden Dive, and said he would be licking his chops to throw against this Notre Dame Fighting Irish defense. [Insert wide eye emoji].

You can listen to the interviews in the media players below, or you can whip out your mobile device and be active while hearing them both on the One Foot Down Podcast via iTunes and Google Play. Please subscribe, rate and review- because we kind of want to know what you think.