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The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Michigan State

Sparty is back on the schedule, and that makes me feel super awesome!

NCAA Football: Nevada at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame got its first win of the season last week over the Nevada Wolf Pack. As great as getting that first win of the season is, it was still Nevada and inspires little joy. Once again the injury curse hits and Shawn Crawford is out for the season. And while we can delight in Josh Adams, CJ Sanders, Te’von Coney and others, none of us will be satisfied until there is a win of note. This week could provide Notre Dame and its fans that win.

Anti-Preview The wonderful @phillykelly

Michigan State

Hate. It’s a strong word, and a very ugly word. It’s also a fantastic word to describe a college football rivalry. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish welcome the hate back to Notre Dame Stadium with the arrival of the Michigan State Spartans. It’s the Battle for the Megaphone, and despite the Spartans “big brother” having more hate in the hearts of Notre Dame fans nationwide, Sparty holds a special place in our heart.

Touchdown Reesus
Touchdown Reesus
via @CBusIrish

What Should You Be Drinking?

Per tradition, I like to take on more of the role of Super Secret Agent when it comes to these things. So, with that in mind, we dive into a Greek masterpiece. Refreshing and intoxicating and Sparta will never see it coming...

What Should You Be Eating?

If you have ever been to college or a county fair or just live in a good city blessed by the Almighty, then you should already know the power of the gyro. It can change your life.

What Should You Be Wearing?

Remember what I said about being a really cool Super Secret Agent? This is where it all pays off... wearing your bed sheet to the game or just at home for your neighbors to admire. Remember, the fall of Sparta began with an alliance between Thebes and Athens. I believe that they wore togas too (or not- but who cares with all that Ouzo in our system). Deck it out anyway you like, but here’s some proper technique:

What’s The Best Thing About This Game?

It’s a real, honest to goodness, rivalry game in the first quarter of the season.

The Battle For The Megaphone
The Battle For The Megaphone
Via @CBusIrish

That means the stakes are higher. Everything will be more fantastic or more grotesque because of the rivalry, and if you add that to a glass of Canadian Club with a dash of both teams are ranked... OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!

5 Reasons To Hate Sparty

1. Falling apart after losing to Notre Dame for most of our recent wins means the Irish take a hit on the strength of schedule. C’mon man!
2. Being 13-1 in 2013, with that one loss to Notre Dame- AND YET... no one ever remembers it as a “signature win” for Brian Kelly or Thomas Rees.
3. Honestly, the worst costumed mascot. THE WORST.

Too Much line dancing is dangerous.
via Imgur

4. For Pat Dillingham and EVER letting the world think that Ty Willingham was a competent coach. HE’S YOUR DUDE.
5. This- and go ahead and try it now:

Shamrock Stars

CJ Sanders. Building on his solid first few games, Sanders will help determine this game with his special teams play and his Golden Tate-like playmaking abilities. Should Sparty’s band beware?

Nyles Morgan. Morgan is built for a physical game, and a physical game is probably what he is going to get. Morgan will be busy, and his hammer dropping will make you burst with tears of joy and awe.

At The End Of The Night...

Notre Dame has already been battle-tested this season while Michigan State has played a FCS cupcake, and took last week off. An argument can be made for a better way to enter this game by both teams. I like what Notre Dame has already had the chance to fix and change. Notre Dame comes out with enough fire and emotion to make Mike Valenti rant again. IRISH 27 - SPARTY 23