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TWITTERMANIA: Michigan State Week

Nevada v Notre Dame
Jarron Jones, Piesman hopeful
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It’s Michigan State week. More importantly, it’s Wednesday of Michigan State week, which can only mean one thing - Twittermania. The Irish have officially tallied their first win, and the OFD twitter account has been booming.


Start the brainwashing early! The most efficient way to continually increase the number of ND fans is to conceive them yourselves. And I love the way they’re subtly introducing her to ND football while she sleeps, so that she’ll subliminally become an Irish fan and not really know why.


Please don’t finish that sentence. You shouldn’t wish the torture and torment of being the Browns QB on your worst enemy, let alone our boy DeShone.


In reference to Jarron Jones’ ground shaking, earth quaking interception in the Nevada game. We couldn’t agree more, Frank. Jarron deserves some love from the good people involved with the Piesman.


Remember the Nevada kickoff returner who was able to stumble into a safety against his own team without even being touched by a Notre Dame defender? Yeah, he seemed pretty special, alright.

Mama, there go that man!