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Notre Dame vs Michigan State: The Battle For The Megaphone

The Megaphone is up for grabs on Saturday night.

The Megaphone
The Megaphone
via @CBusIrish

It’s a part of who I am. I’ve never understood it, just as much as I’ve never understood why I only need to sleep 4 hours a night. It’s in my DNA.

I love rivalry trophies.

As hard as many of you just rolled your eyes, that’s how wide my eyes get when seeing one. I love it. I love the idea of a prize, I love the many different names, I love the history, and maybe more than anything else- I love a good origin story about them. It’s amazing just how much “boys will be boys” is involved with these things, while by today’s standards, the kids (and/or coaches) would be criminally charged while the moral warriors of the media and social media would bring as much verbal wrath as they could muster.

For me, I hit the jackpot with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish as they have many rivalry trophies on their schedule. Some aren’t played each year, and some still are. At any rate, I love them. If you have followed my writings over the past 10 years, you know that I usually highlight them in the Anti-Preview. That will no longer be the case, and if Notre Dame has some hardware on the line... Check One Foot Down on Wednesday, because I’m selling the love affair to the rest of y’all.

The Michigan State Spartans are coming to town, and that means the Megaphone Trophy is on the line. Rather than continuing to to hammer this keyboard like a game of Frog Hammer (ALL THE TICKETS TO YOU MY SON), I’ll step aside for this glorious infographic below from our resident Infographic Champion @CBusIrish. Click on it to enlarge and soak in the bad blood.

The Battle For The Megaphone
The Battle For The Megaphone
Via @CBusIrish