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Notre Dame Haiku: Make Plays

Notre Dame Haiku welcomes the most non-Michigan school back to South Bend... Michigan State.

Fall really is creeping in on us now as we enter the third week of the season. Two weeks are in the books, and we still know next to nothing. We are like candidates for initiation for the 2016 season, but we are still knocking on the door of the east- and waiting for the sentinels to let us through to start.

Well... It makes sense to me.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish play host to the Michigan State Spartans to rekindle (slightly) the Battle for the Megaphone (yes, I will make references to the Megaphone Trophy all week, because that's what I do).

Let’s kick up the bass a bit and lay down our haikus. Please play along with your own Notre Dame haikus in the comment section below. If there is anyway that you follow a certain theme... well then BRAVO!

Rivalry renewed
Fresh Sparty quarterback
Chokes on applesauce.

No monsoon needed
Kizer controls the night sky
Hi, CJ Sanders

Dantonio scowls
Kelly pounds him on the ground
OH, pucker pucker.

And no Michigan State week is complete without reliving the most magical moment in sports talk radio history, The Mike Valenti rant: