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Notre Dame VS Nevada 2016: Start Time, TV Schedule, And Game Thread

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are ready to serve up some redemption in their home opener versus the Nevada Wolf Pack.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Notre Dame is looking for its first win of the season and a chance to feel like things are going in a better direction. We don't have to be diplomatic or apologetic about it, but this is why games like Nevada are on our schedule- as it is with other top 25 teams in the country. Notre Dame needs and wants a rebound from its double overtime loss to Texas on the road.


Outside of giving up 50 points and looking like it was still learning all the basic concepts of playing defense such as tackling and calling correct fronts against the offense in front of you- it wasn't an "embarrassing" loss. Shit, most of the talking heads picked Texas anyways. Still, Notre Dame wants to get that behind them and an all out ass-whooping over Nevada would help them to get physically and mentally prepared for the Spartan invasion next week.

When is the game and how can I watch?

Game Date / Time: Saturday, September 10, 2016 3:30 PM EST


Online:NBC Sports Live

Radio:Local Radio Broadcasts

Join the conversation!

Just below this article is a thing called the "comment section," which in latin means "to vent, celebrate, and socialize." Or something like that. Please feel free to stop on in before the game and talk about all the silly and boring games there are today, and then join us for our live game chat. Be civil, and be respectful- but not so much that future generations will think you are weak and prudish.

Have fun and GO IRISH!