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Notre Dame VS Texas Weather Report

What kind of weather awaits the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and its fans in Austin, Texas for its game against the Longhorns?

Louisiana Monroe v Texas Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

There are many reasons why football, and college football in particular, is the greatest sport in the world. One of those reasons is that the games are mainly played outdoors in almost any and all weather conditions (Monsoons: YES, Lightning: NO).

Notre Dame is a unique subject in that every year, their schedule is so incredibly “national,” that they could play in basically any type of weather, at any point throughout the season.

The Fighting Irish start their 2016 season in the sweltering heat and humidity of Texas in September. Even with kickoff coming in prime time, Notre Dame will face this oppressive heat. The temperature, according to Accuweather, should be around 82 degrees for the game, but with the humidity being above 80%, it will feel more like 87 degrees.


That kind of air can cause all sorts of problems such as cramping, dehydration, and exhaustion. None of those three states are suitable to to sit in a chair- let alone play a football game in full pads and a helmet.

The good news is that this won’t be anything new to a lot of the Notre Dame roster. Not only do many players come from areas that feature these type of conditions, and it’s not like this is November and will be a drastic change either. Indiana has been BALLS hot for a month now, and these players have been practicing in it all this time.

On the balance sheet of advantages and disadvantages, Notre Dame probably holds the most checkmarks for advantages, but in this heat and on the road (even if familiar) you have to give this intangible to the Texas Longhorns.