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The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Texas

The Anti-Preview for Texas shows up in full force, almost naked, and carrying sticks.

Anti-Preview The wonderful @phillykelly

OH JOY TO THE WORLD THE PIGSKIN HAS COME! That probably won’t be the only sacrilege in the Anti-Preview’s this year, and with that... welcome to the Anti-Preview here at One Foot Down. It feels damn good saying that for the first time, and the biggest reason is that we are just a few short days away from the opening kickoff of the Notre Dame Football season.

If you are unfamiliar with the Anti-Preview, please be advised that this is not your typical game preview. No, there are plenty of those (and more to come on this site). This is more of a celebration and tribute to the spectacle of it all.


Notre Dame is one of a handful of teams that should have their hands full this weekend. Cupcakes be damned (and saved until week two) the opening weekend this year may shape the hunt for the national championship more than any other in recent memory. The Horns are boasting all sorts of “new and improved” after a mediocre year that included an ass-whooping to start the year in South Bend. Notre Dame will be looking to suffocate that movement.

What Should You Be Drinking?

The Force

It’s called, “The Force.” There really isn’t much more to be said about its dominance with a name like that. The recipe comes from a friend (and a HUGE closet Notre Dame fan) Michael Felder AKA @InTheBleachers. This is what we do for season openers- we kick it with, “The Force.” Yep- it’s called tradition. Forget uniforms, turf preferences, or even fullbacks- this is what TRADITION really is.


We like to make ours in a Gatorade cooler, the type with the spout on the bottom so that there’s no dippage, I’m a germaphobe.

  • 24 cheap beers (Natural Light is our go to)
  • 1 half gallon cheap vodka (Aristocrat will do)
  • 1 19 oz Country Time Lemonade POWDER
  • *optional is a fifth of everclear (not suitable for freshman)
  • *suggested is frozen lemonade or fruit punch concentrate (ice without watering things down)

Pour the case of beer into the cooler, add the vodka, stir in the lemonade powder. We like to put frozen blocks of ice in ziploc bags to keep it cold but strong. I will warn you that everyone’s first experience ends badly. I passed out for the first half of the UNC-Rutgers game in 2006, woke up, everyone was at the game and I was still at the house.

It is delicious though, I’ve seen it called Moose Juice and Summer Beer as well.

What Should You Be Eating?

If you didn’t know, Texas holds a fairly good sized state fair. One of the most renowned edibles from this even is the eternal corn dog. If you’re drinking The Force, you are probably going to need a food on a stick.

What Should You Be Wearing?

I’m not sure just what in the hell is going on here, but given the degree of heat and humidity... I think they are on to something here.

Best Thing About This Game

Besides being the opening game of the season for the Irish, this is the ONLY college football game being played this Sunday. While the rest of the country is recovering from its hangover (FSU & Ole Miss aside) Notre Dame and Texas face off ON A REAL COLLEGE CAMPUS.

5 Reasons To Hate Texas

In case you need some extra motivation, we invented some:

  1. Their control over the Big 12 and its operations is extensive and mortifying.
  2. Burnt Orange is the worst color. Don’t believe me? Say hello to the Pontiac Aztec.
  3. Their cheerleaders make me feel more like bad 1960’s dirty than 21st century good.
  4. Gold hats are OUR thing.

Shamrock Stars

Avery Sebastian. Probably going to have 9+ tackles and actually stay healthy. His run support will be crucial.

Tarean Folston. Maybe something like his coach:

At the end of the night...

While Texas will be much improved, Notre Dame shows up and takes care of business with brute force and violent intentions. The game stays close until the 4th, and then the Irish score late to make it a 31-17 VICTORY, NOTRE DAME.