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One Foot Down Podcast: Notre Dame Quarterback Showdown

Martin and Wes take you on a journey of debate only two brothers can lay out properly. Middle-child syndrome included.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Virginia Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The One Foot Down Podcast is back again. The fellas decide to tackle the long-standing feud of DESHONE KIZER VS MALIK ZAIRE.

In the hierarchy of debate foes, perhaps none is more revered and none more feared than when two brothers go toe to toe for the inheritance. Wars have begun this way.

The Notre Dame quarterback competition is an extremely complex and, quite frankly, emotional topic, and as these two dance around the issue, don’t be surprised to hear many (many) uses of “dad language” to try to keep the situation in check.

Among the many things you’ll hear are:

  • Mad running stats.
  • How the last 10 national champions were crowned.
  • Brian Kelly’s addiction.
  • Stats from like 3 years ago.
  • Data worship.
  • Dope beats.

No Emperor or Supreme Warlord was interviewed for this podcast in accordance with the Mishawaka Treaty of 2007.

You can listen to the podcast below, or you can use your trusty mobile device and use iTunes or whatever else is used when you aren’t eating apples.

*Yes, this show will primarily drop on Wednesday’s, but sometimes we don’t procrastinate so hard and VOILA!*