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Notre Dame Attempts World Domination Via Internet

In one day, Notre Dame announced partnerships that effectively cover the entire world wide web.

Golden Dome in fall

In a series of ground-breaking partnership announcements, Notre Dame is using current technology to take over the world.

First, Notre Dame announced that they would team up with Facebook to distribute live video content.

“Distributing live original programming on Facebook connects us to a global population in a way that’s simply not possible on our own. This allows us to meet fans where they are already consuming content and grow our fanbase through the networking effect.”

Next, Notre Dame announced an agreement with Bleacher Report.

“Bleacher Report, has reached an agreement with University of Notre Dame football for an exclusive social content partnership throughout the season. The B/R social team will be embedded with the football program in South Bend and travel with the team to road games during the entire season to create custom content for the program's national fan base.”

Notre Dame is still feeling a lot of warm fuzzies as a result of their partnership with Showtime last year and its “A Season With Notre Dame,” and obviously wants to capitalize on that momentum moving forward.

What does all of this mean? In an age of CONTENT IS KING on the internet, Notre Dame is finding a way to make CONTENT EVERYWHERE not just for its fanbase, but for possible future fans as well.

The Notre Dame brand has always been one of the most well-known and visible brands on the internet, but these moves suggest that they look to cover just about any space available on the internet to help promote the school and its athletic department.

I suppose that normally, I might say someething like “stay tuned” to suggest that there is more to this story, but if you add the space that Notre Dame has already occupied with the space that they just took over, there is no way on this planet that you will miss it.