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New Social Media Rules For College Football Recruiting Should Be Universal For Fans

The NCAA changed its rules for social media and recruiting on August 1. These rules don’t, but should, include you.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame Spring Game Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Of all of the things the NCAA could change when it comes to the student athlete and their time at school as well as the path that eventually got them there, they chose to change the most 2016 of rules.

Coaches are now able to “like” and “retweet” recruits.

While many of you may not even know exactly what this means, our friends over at SB Nation Recruiting wrote a good piece covering it all.

The discussion about how much affect this may or may not help in recruiting a particular player to a certain school is less interesting to me than what it actually embodies. It’s a sign that in today’s day and age, the old school thinking of the NCAA is pretty outdated- but not so much as to find a way to lighten the load a bit. It also produces a blueprint on how fans should act on social media.

If you’re a fan and on social media, I strongly advise you to DO NOTHING in regards to recruits, but rather than preach for a world peace that will never happen, I shall embrace a cease fire in a neighborhood to start.

So, fans... retweet and like all the social media content you like that recruits send out all day long like:

“this pizza is fire!”
“i look so dope in the car!” [includes pic of mommy’s car with mom photoshopped out]
“which school?” [vine included of player trying on 11 hats]

But don’t talk to them. Don’t insert yourself into their life like the nosey neighbor that after 10 years of living next to you finally notices that your wife likes to swim at night.

Don’t get weird.

Leave the recruiting to the school, but if you feel the need to “show the love,” please follow the same rules the coaches have to follow.