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BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl - Ohio State v Notre Dame
Notre Dame takes on Texas this Sunday at 7:30 ET
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

College football is back! More importantly, that means that Twittermania is back. If you're unfamiliar with Twittermania, it's a segment that our site manager Josh Vowles aka The Subway Domer, started a few years back at his former Notre Dame site. We choose the 5 best tweets directed towards our @OneFootDown account, and give them the love and Internet immortality that they deserve. This was a strong week in terms of Twitter mentions, so let's keep that momentum rolling each week of the season. And who knows, maybe the random late night tweet that you happen to tag us in could end up on the site.

Let’s get started.


This tweet is in response to someone proposing Mike Golic as a potential NBC anchor for Notre Dame games. I think Irish Matt here makes a valid point. I know Notre Dame has quite the athletic endowment, but I'm not sure they have the budget to feed Golic for that many weekends. They'd have to stock the booth with last night’s quarter hotdogs from the student center.


This is basically just a beautifully organic Twitter endorsement for our OFD podcast. Irish Hawk is clearly a smart, and handsome man. You too can be smart and handsome, just check out the podcast!


Chris Finke, WR, is one of Notre Dame’s newest walk-ons. Here we see Tommy Moore tweeting at OFD writer Pat Sullivan, doing his best impression of SNL’s Bill Swerski’s Superfans. Much respect.


If we can get the Pope to acknowledge the importance of running the damn ball, then I think we'd be that much closer to world peace.


Bravo, sir. Bravo.