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Notre Dame Haiku: Sam Elliott Is Not A Texan

FINALLY, the season is here and we can roid out to some dope haiku verse.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, Sam Elliott is not a Texas native. If you are one of many that didn’t know that nugget of information, I will allow a few moments for you to sit down and collect yourself.

No, the man that would basically have his picture next to the word, “Texan” in the dictionary (if there was still such a thing in print) is actually from California and has spent most of his life on the west coast- even living and going to school in Canada.

*Editors note... Sam Elliott has strong family ties to Texas and has an ancestor that was in the Battle of the Alamo*

What in the hell does this have to do with the Notre Dame game against Texas? Pretty much nothing- except to show that not everything “Texas” is actually “Texas.” We already know that Texas has not been one of the better teams in the country, yet last year and this year they are still considerred a “quality win” in terms of perception.

We can relate- a lot.

Let’s haiku this thing:

Texas night heat burns
Monster line napalms the field
Josh Adams goes yard.

Kizer or Zaire
VanGorder eats burritos
Jack of all, master of none

First game butterflies
Sobriety not a choice
I’ll have Martini’s

Now its your turn to desecrate the wonderful artform of haiku. Anything goes )pretty much). Welcome back to college football!