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One Foot Down Podcast: Restarting The Notre Dame Conversation

Episode 66? Sure, but it’s a whole new gang of characters.

With Fall camp just a few days away from starting. One Foot Down is reopening the podcast machine to reveal some old friends in a new place, talking about Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football.

Irish Tightness and Martin are pumped up about keeping the podcast tradition alive- but they are still in search of that spark to get them excited for football. They talk about playing Outkast at their funeral, boats, message board people, and Brian Kelly.

How god is Brian Kelly? Would he be your first choice to coach a team or your first choice to captain a boat? Either way, we get the conversation started (and perhaps start a new nautical trend).

I make a small cameo, and of course I sound like I just did a bunch of wind sprints in 100 degree heat (probably because I basically did).

So check it out below, or download the podcast from iTunes using your trusty and distracting mobile device.