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One Foot Down Podcast: A Tale of Two Seasons

What will it take for Notre Dame football to have an “outlier” season

Navy v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

One Foot Down podcast, episode 70, looks at the extreme ends of Notre Dame’s projected record distribution per Brian Fremeau and the FEI indicator from

The “safe zone” for final season record predictions is 9-3 +/- 1 win (Fremeau assigns an aggregate 72% probability of these three outcomes for the 2016 regular season), and Brian Kelly’s average record over the last six seasons, 9-4 when including bowls, is certainly consistent with this projection

ND Fan Radio, as you have come to know, does not reside in the “safe zone” very often. As such, we discuss the 12% chance that Notre Dame goes 11-1 or (gasp) 12-0, and alternatively the 16% probability of a 7-5 to (double gasp) 5-7 record.