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Bagpipe Monday: Vacation Is Over

Depending upon your level of commitment and investment in Notre Dame Football, this week marks the end of your vacation. Get to work Domers.

Bagpipe Monday The wonderful @phillykelly

It’s game week y’all. IT’S GAME WEEK Y’ALL!

While some of us have maintained some level of interest over the course of 8 months without a meaningful game played, I imagine that many of you are just waking up from your college football hibernation.

Hello, friends... It’s wonderful to have you join us for the 128th version of a Notre Dame Football team (that is most likely the only and last time I use any terminology that would refer to “Team 128”).

This all makes me very curious as to just what in the hell you have been up to all this time.

  • Did you have a “honey-do” list?
  • Did you get married (which would be an offseason marriage- the only proper way to get married)?
  • Did you add a new bastard to your family- or was it legitimate?
  • Did you read anything good?
  • Did you read anything?
  • Did you get arrested (too soon)?
  • Did you finally watch “Borgia” and then “The Borgias” and write a comparison of both series for your local newspaper?
  • Did you go on the Whole 30 diet?
  • Did you go on the Whole 30 diet, last 5 days, and then bolt for the nearest White Castle? (Coincidentally, the closest White Castle to me is 86 miles away in Ypsilanti, Michigan... where I attended college).
  • Did you attend any festivals or fairs?
  • Did you have a passionate affair with a carny named, “Darrell”?

I WANT TO KNOW. If you did something spectacular, or horrible, or shameful- there is a place to tell that story and that place is right here. We still have an extra day until kickoff, so why not unburden your soul and face the college football season semi-clean, and worthy? The vacation is over, and it’s time to go back to work. Grab that thermos of Irish coffee- we might need it.

Your pipes: