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Notre Dame 1 of 8 “Blue Bloods” in college football per ESPN

ESPN came out with a list of the blue bloods in college football.

NCAA Football: Rice at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

One of my absolute favorite things about college football is its history and tradition. There are very few other sports/franchises that can come close to the history, tradition, and pageantry that college football brings. I think this is what makes college football so unique and exhilarating, and in large part why I love being a fan of Notre Dame. Sure, I haven’t seen them win a championship since the last one was in ‘88 and I wasn’t born until ‘91, but who cares? There’s over a 100 years of history and tradition to learn of when it comes to the Irish. Yeah, the Irish have had a hard time getting dominate players and winning 10+ games a season. It’s also easier to be a “fan” of any SEC team (even though most of them only have 2 or 3 titles and haven’t really become relevant until the last 15-20 years), but where is the fun in that?

ESPN recently released its Top 8 of “Blue Bloods” in the game, and Notre Dame finds itself on that list. Along with Notre Dame on that list is Alabama, Southern Cal, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Texas. No real surprise or any controversy there, although it has been a while since Nebraska has really been relevant. ESPN takes a fun little shot at Michigan, saying that if a standard minimum of 2 national titles is the last 50 years was required, the Wolverines would barely be eligible.

With the recent news headlines surrounding the Irish putting a damper on the season right before it starts, this definitely is a nice spirit-lifter to remind us truly how great Notre Dame is as a school and as a team to follow and cheer for.

This just pumps me up more for the season, and the game against the Longhorns can’t come soon enough.