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Go Irish, Beat Planet Earth: An Olympic Wrap Up

Basketball - Olympics: Day 16
Monty Williams towering over the rest of the USA men’s basketball coaching staff
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games came to an end on Monday, so let's look at how Notre Dame’s representatives fared amongst the best athletes in the world.

In fencing, Gerek Meinhardt won bronze as a part of the USA men’s team foil, while London gold medalist Mariel Zagunis also won bronze in the USA women’s team sabre. Since 2004, Notre Dame fencers have medaled a total of 7 times.

Rower Amanda Polk and her women’s 8 rowing team won yet another gold medal, becoming the first women’s team to win 11 consecutive Olympic/world championships. That's insane. I kayaked in a man-made lake once for like 45 minutes and couldn’t feel my arms the next day.

Former ND women’s soccer star Melissa Tancredi and the women’s Canadian soccer team defeated Brazil on their own turf in a thrilling 2-1 upset to take home bronze. Tancredi has now lead Canada to two bronze medals. Bronze is roughly the same color as maple syrup. Just a thought.

Assistant coach Monty Williams (‘94 grad) and the men’s USA basketball team beat Serbia by 30 points to win gold. Yes, it was totally expected and not surprising at all. But it's a massive accomplishment all the same. Monty’s got one more gold medal than all of you, so BACK OFF.


Let's hope that same winning spirit caries over to Notre Dame’s teams and athletes on campus, as the academic school year started yesterday.

Go Irish, beat college.