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Notre Dame Football: Chris Finke Earns A Scholarship- He’s Not Rudy

Notre Dame walk-on Chris Finke earned a scholarship for the 2016 season.

Chris Finke Screenshot via Twitter

If you don’t know the name, “Chris Finke” by now, I’m not entirely sure that you have been paying any attention to Notre Dame football since this past spring. Chris Finke was probably the one name that was mentioned consistently throughout as a player making plays.

His hard work and athleticism has paid off (handsomely, if you’ve ever seen Notre Dame tuition costs):

Now, without a doubt, Chris Finke will see the field this year. At some point, I firmly believe, you will probably stop thinking about Finke as a former walk-on and more as that crazy quick dude that just keeps getting open. I also believe that TV announcers are going to be as incredibly lazy with their “color commentary” when it pertains to Finke.

It’s not hard to imagine that in the first half of the season (at least) that the first play Finke makes on the field will be greeted with commentary that sounds like, “a modern day Rudy” or some shit like that. This is an insult to Finke.

We’ve already seen/heard this before with other walk-ons, but let us be very clear about this: Rudy played a few downs in the last game of his career, and Chris Finke is academically a sophomore and has 4 years of eligibilty remaining. To be clearer, this isn’t a charity gift given to a hard worker- Chris Finke can play.

I know a lot of you love the movie, but to compare guys like Finke to Rudy is doing an extreme injustice to the skill level that player has as you compare his story to the half-truth of the movie.

Don’t do it.