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Bagpipe Monday: Clever Enough

The bagpipes get clever and remember adversity is not the end of things.

Bagpipe Monday The wonderful @phillykelly

Perhaps Brian Kelly should rethink the whole you-are-not-a-prisoner-and-can-leave-campus-to-have-fun-on-the-weekend thing. This past weekend has only proved one thing... college kids have always and will always make dumb mistakes for which they will eternally regret. What degree of regret is of little importance, because the only reason you truly regret something, is when you get caught doing it.

And... we can argue that philosophy at another time.

This is supposed to be a special time of year. That last week before the first game week of the season isn’t supposed to start off with this:

No, it’s supposed to be filled with those last minute “honey-do” chores and spending actual and real time with your family. It’s not supposed to remind you how much spring football LIES ITS UGLY ASS OFF TO YOU.

So now we enter what I love to call the “first bye week of the season,” and we are short six players. Max Redfield is gone and guys like Dexter Willams and Te’von Coney that were expected to play large roles this season are now in limbo.

Thoughts like this are now weighing heavy on my mind:

We can only really think about the future at hand right now (as you check off that box for giving that dining room a fresh coat of paint & the one for new lamps for the entryway). Notre Dame will have to find a way and find the bodies to march forward. They found a way last year as the roster got decimated to win a lot of football games, and perhaps- if they are just clever enough, they will find a way to do it once again.

It’s not like losing your starting quarterback- OH SWEET HORACE SAVE ME!

2 weeks, and now your pipes.