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One Foot Down Podcast: Give it Arrest

The OFD Podcast duo is back with Episode 69, looking at the 6 Notre Dame player arrests

Last night, my brother and I felt compelled to record our initial reactions to the two separate incidents which resulted in six Notre Dame player arrests, as reported early Saturday morning. We are very clear that many of the facts are (at the time of recording) yet unknown, and we hop back and forth between plausible situations which may have resulted in the arrests and how fans an the administration could perceive the behavior in general.

Given the nature of the topic and the limited information available to the public, we waited for editorial approval before publishing this to you.

In that time (approximately 15 hours) Brian Kelly has already dismissed Max Redfield from the team and put Devin Butler on indefinite suspension. Based on these actions, it is inferred by us that, at a minimum, Coach Kelly feels the basis for the arrests is legitimate. As such, we are moving ahead with the release of OFD Podcast 69.

It should be noted that Brian Kelly’s statement stresses “that all of the players involved in these two incidents remain subject to justice system and University discipline, and those processes could yet impact their standing with the University and the team.”