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Notre Dame Top 25 Player Poll: 25-21

We’re counting down the best players on the Notre Dame football rostier.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame Spring Game Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

In what has become an annual event for Notre Dame football on these here internets, Keith Arnold has comprised a top 25 list of the best Notre Dame Fighting Irish football players. The list is the result of a 12 person voting block from various Notre Dame media outlets.

Keith will release five at a time beginning... Yesterday. As he releases the ranking, I will post my votes.

You may begin your scolding at any time.

21-25 Ballot

21. Jerry Tillery
22. Te'von Coney
23. Durham Smythe
24. CJ Sanders
25. Equanimeous St. Brown

21-25 Final Results

21. Daniel Cage
22. Tyler Newsome
23. Justin Yoon
24. Durham Smythe
25. Equanimeous St. Brown

The ballot and the results reflect similar thinking about Equanimeous St. Brown and Durham Smythe. With Smythe, it’s a matter of proving it throughout the season- regardless of status as the starter. With St. Brown, this shows that despite much evidence, there are a lot of expectations to produce.

I have Tillery slotted at 21, mostly because I need to see more work- more grind, if you will. I did not even have Cage on my list. That is equal parts, he slipped my mind and I need more proof.

I have Yoon slotted a bit higher, but neglected Tyler Newsome. That has me really second-guessing myself. Another eyebrow goes up for Coney. Coney did not make it in the final results top 25.

Keith will have 16-20 posted today, and I’ll have our ballot posted later as well. Feel free to drop your 25 in the comment section.