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Marvel Makes Comic Book Cover For Notre Dame VS Texas

ESPN had Marvel Comics make a few comic book covers for opening weekend, and the Notre Dame VS Texas cover seems pretty legit.

Screenshot via ESPN Facebook

Opening weekend is going to be HUGE for college football in 2016. There are more than a handful of really top quality games that feels as if this is more like a really good bowl week as opposed to the first lineup of games.

So good are the matchups, Notre Dame and Texas moved their game to Sunday to grab as mich of ther spotlight as they can to start the season.

To celebrate this rare treat at the start of the season, ESPN had Marvel make some comic book covers for the best matchups. I mean... why not? Everything is all about the comic universe these days, and then of course... Disney. (HEY WHERE ARE OUR STAR WARS POSTERS?!)

Here is what they come up with for Notre Dame and Texas:

Screenshot via ESPN Facebook

That “longhorn” is frightening.

There were a total of 6 covers done, and in all honesty, this one looks pretty good. That Florida State one though... wow. Instead of Seminoles they went with some colorful flying men- and we understand, but the horse could have been used, right?

All in fun, but let us know what you think.