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Notre Dame Football: Run The Ball And Run It Some More

Notre Dame wins more football games with a strong running attack than by throwing the ball all over the field.


There comes a point in every offseason when we must look past all of the hype and hope and buckle down to study what is important. What helps Notre Dame win football games?

With that thought in mind, a simple theme has been evolving on this site and with its contributors. Run. The. Damn. Ball.

The movement is not new to Notre Dame fans as we have watched games slip away while throwing one pass after another. No, the cries for more rush attempts has been a central theme for a lot of disgruntled fans for some time.

You can put me in the category that was indifferent. Indifferent and delusional to think that “offense is offense” and a solid defense makes up for most of the inefficiencies that may spring up from an offense that was pass happy. That indifference was turned upside down once I studied the facts, and from a sports perspective... facts are stats.

Below, you will find all that you need to know about the Notre Dame running game. With Brian Kelly as the head coach, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are an amazing 29-1 when running the ball 55% of the time or better. 29-1. The lone loss came against Stanford last year, when a great victory was snatched away by a defensive breakdown in the last minute of the game.

Notre Dame is 20-0 with Brian Kelly when he runs the ball 60% of the time or better. 20-0. These stats are too telling to ignore and should ignite a tremendous call from the fans to RUN THE DAMN BALL- #RTDB for all you tweet happy fans.

If Notre Dame wants to get to the playoffs and play for a national title, the path that will help them best to achieve that goal is a major ground attack with aerial support and not the other way around.

Click on the infographic below for more.