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One Foot Down Podcast: How Brian Kelly Went 20-0

Brian Kelly is an amazing 20-0 at Notre Dame when doing something simple.

Notre Dame v Stanford Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In the course of human history, there have only been a handful of times when three sources of equal power were able to peacefully coexist. At the tail end of another muggy August weekend, this rare occurrence was again witnessed, and the audio was recorded for your listening pleasure.

While most of you probably slept, or watched Usain Bolt blur across your television, Joshua Vowles (@TheSubwayDomer) sat down with the fellas for a delightfully triangular version of the One Foot Down podcast. Never before have three things contained so much raw emotion, except perhaps Nirvana, or a breakup bucket of Neapolitan ice cream.

Wes (@IrishTightness) dives deeper into run percentage (see chart) and reveals the secret sauce that helped Brian Kelly go 20-0. Martin (@NDMcFly) places his vote for Josh Adams as the feature back in the hypothetical new-look running machine. All three hold a discussion about what the podcast is, and what it is not. IS: a fan perspective, opinions and emotion, awesome. IS NOT: game preview, overtly polite, your grandfather’s podcast.

Kelly’s path to 20-0

The conversation rounds out with a discussion of Notre Dame’s 2016 schedule, and its potential trap-game pitfalls. Sprinkle in the usual banter, humor, and lamenting over playing football in baseball stadiums, and you realize this podcast flies by like Wayde Van Niekerk in the Olympic 400m.

CAUTION: This podcast may contain content regarding the run game.

Listen in the player below or download the One Foot Down podcast from iTunes or Google Play.