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Bagpipe Monday: What’s The Best Notre Dame Football Home Game In 2016?

What is the best Notre Dame Football game to attend in South Bend this year?

Bagpipe Monday The wonderful @phillykelly

Are you still planning on attending a Notre Dame football home game this year? Perhaps you already have your tickets to the cheer on the Fighting Irish? Or maybe, maybe you are looking for a reason to head up, but have yet to find one.

Fear not my indecisive friends, I am not here to sell you tickets, but to provide some context for you to base any and all decisions on should you choose to do so.

What is the best possible home game to attend this year? Let’s put our cards on the table. Some rankings will be of a 1-10 scale with 10 being the best damn thing ever.

Nevada. September 10 @ 3:30

Importance: 7
Ticket Price: $75.00
Probability of win: 9
ESPN Gameday: 1
Top 25 Matchup: 1

The home opener gives this game a lot of extra importance that it would not have at any other time. While this has all the makings of a trap game, it also has the highest probability of a win.

Michigan State. September 17 @ 7:30

Importance: 8
Ticket Price: $150.00
Probability of win: 6
ESPN Gameday: 5
Top 25 Matchup: 10

The above rankings do not list the many intangibles that make this a great game. History, for one, as one of the oldest rivals of Notre Dame is back on the schedule after a two year hiatus. Throw in a Megaphone Trophy and the big money for this night game is probably worth the cost.

Michigan State v Notre Dame

Duke. September 24 @ 3:30

Importance: 5
Ticket Price: $85
Probability of win: 8
ESPN Gameday: 1
Top 25 Matchup: 7

Nobody really cares about this game, but Duke could very well be 3-0 (with a win over fellow nerd Northwestern) and if they are, they will most likely be a top 20 team. Still, not a whole lot of GOT TO SEE THIS. Well yet...

Stanford. October 15 @ 7:30

Importance: 9
Ticket Price: $125.00
Probability of win: 5
ESPN Gameday: 7
Top 25 Matchup: 6

If Stanford is still ranked in the top 10 or the top 25, they would have some serious notches on their belt with games against Kansas State, USC, Washington, UCLA, and Washington State. This game has been one of the best rivalry games in college football for quite a few years now and should remain as such.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Stanford Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Miami. October 29 @ 3:30

Importance: 9
Ticket Price: $150.00
Probability of win: 7
ESPN Gameday: 4
Top 25 Matchup: 4

This game has all the makings of a showdown. Miami has a cupcake start, but gets a few heavy hitters before they get to South Bend. History alone will make this a big game for Irish fans, but it also has the chance to be a game to help shape the college football rankings.

Virginia Tech. November 19 @ 3:30

Importance: 9
Ticket Price: $85.00
Probability of win: 6
ESPN Gameday: 3
Top 25 Matchup: 3

Last home game of the year. Senior Day. Bud Foster in the house. The One Foot Down Tailgate. Lots of intangibles here to make this a worthy game, but the actual game itself is kind of a toss up in terms of how it stacks up against the season. At amy rate, this is a dangerous game.


While there are several good choices this season, the biggest game most likely will be Stanford, and after you throw everything into the mixer- it’s the one drink that fits the bill (hype and the actual bill on your credit card for the tickets).

Your pipes (pick up your axe man):