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One Foot Down’s New Editor: Bobby Norell

Meet One Foot Down’s newest member, Bobby Norell

Hey Irish Fans! My name is Bobby Norell and I am the newest member to the staff of One Foot Down. Just to tell you a little about myself. I am currently a (super)senior at Indiana University in Bloomington where I study sport communication. I started my college career off at a division III school playing baseball, but decided the conventional college route was for me after one year of playing ball.

I am a Hoosier by strictly academics. My passion and blood runs with the Irish. My grandpa, dad and a few cousins attended Notre Dame. Heck, my sister currently works in the athletic department at ND. My whole life I’ve been living and dying (more dying than living) with the Irish. In fact, I have a streak of not missing a home game since 2001.

Outside of Notre Dame I’m also a diehard fan of the Chicago White Sox and with the way their season is going, I’m more than ready for football season to get underway. In the winter you can catch me cheering like a psychopath for the Kansas Jayhawks (don’t ask why) and Chicago Blackhawks.

Some of you may have stumbled across my writings before as I was the editor of another Notre Dame blog, Slap the Sign, before making the switch to OFD. There, I worked with OFD’s site manager Josh Vowles. I believe we have a pretty good dynamic together and I hope to create that with the other staff members.

I know OFD has a passionate and thoughtful following of fans. And that is exactly what I hope to bring to the site; passionate and thoughtful analysis and opinion.

I am excited to get the season underway. As I’m writing this we’re just a little over 24 days from kickoff in Austin. I expect a big year from the Irish and I can’t wait to ride along with you guys. Feel free to follow me on twitter at @RENorell_III

Thanks and GO IRISH!