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Notre Dame Football: Fall Camp News And Hype

Just a few news and notes from inside the Notre Dame football camp.

Navy v Notre Dame

With just a few days of camp under their belt, Notre Dame has dropped a bit of news and a bit of hype on Fighting Irish fans. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most recent items...

Grant Blankenship Transfers

Obviously this came as no surprise to Notre Dame or anyone that has followed the program somewhat over the last few months. Blankenship was suspended back in the spring, and the Texas native is heading closer to home.

While losing depth along the defensive line would normally be a much more brutal action to withstand. Blankenship may have done all that he could do at Notre Dame, and with solid numbers at the position moving forward for the Irish, his absence may not be as detrimental.

Injury News

According to multiple reports, sophomore defensive end Micah Dew Treadway suffered a broken foot at practice and will require surgery.

So... that defensive line depth is deep, right?

This is the only injury of note since fall camp started (now say that again and chop a tree down while throwing salt over your right shoulder).

Hype In Full Effect

With no real media access, we are forced blessed to receive some videos of practice via Notre Dame itself. (Below are Days 3 & 4).

No one appreciates a good hype video more than me. However... I do miss more of the basic update videos that have more reps included in them. Dear lawd... BRING BACK JACK NOLAN.

Todd (s)Lyght Slip Of The Tongue

Or was it?

Number 8

Preseason polls are basically meaningless- even from the AP and Coaches. They are even more-so from news outlets that run internal polls such as ESPN and CBS, who partnered with 247 Sports.

All we can really take away from this is that Notre Dame is considered to be a top 10 team throughout the various outlets. It’s like getting that sentimental card on your birthday with no present attached. That’s nice... thanks.