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One Foot Down New Site Manager: Joshua Vowles

SB Nation was in need of a new site manager for One Foot Down, and they turned to a wily veteran for a fresh start.

Hello Irish fans! My name is Joshua Vowles and I am the new site manager here at One Foot Down. Some of you may know me better as The Subway Domer, and my past work. I have been blogging about Notre Dame athletics for just about ten years now, and chances are that at some point you may have stumbled upon something either written by me or published by me.

While I won't go into detail about my past writings, I will say that I have always been a bit of a wildcard and one of the more unique voices covering Notre Dame. "Colorful" is probably a nice and safe word to use here.

One Foot Down has over the course of time, developed into a great community of fans under the direction of Whiskey and Eric. While I wish to continue their legacy, I also wish to improve upon it with my own special touches. I hope all of you will enjoy the site and continue to congregate for our mutual love of all things involving Notre Dame.

I do ask for a bit of patience as I assemble the staff and get used to the new surroundings over here. Being fans of Notre Dame, I know you all have infinite patience when it comes to program building. If you have any questions about me or plans for the site, please feel free to ask me.

Thanks and GO IRISH!