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Notre Dame Haiku: Preseason

There is nothing more poetic than the college football season, and there is no greater poetry than the in the form of Haiku.

The beauty and pageantry of Notre Dame football on fall Saturdays is a wonderous site to behold... yeah that ain’t going to cut it.

College football is amazing, and it’s story is one that should be told in poetry- if we were only good at writing poetry. Thank god for the Japanese and one of the greatest literary inventions of all time, the haiku.

Haiku is fantastic because it can make even the most novice of users sound like they have been doing it a long time. It can also make one event, or person, or idea stand out with the brevity and clarity it needs.

Being a lover of the haiku (man this is all sounding a bit weird isn’t it, but it is 2 in the morning and that documentary on scientology scared the crap out of me) and having the incredible power of Site Manager here at One Foot Down, I will feature a haiku thread each week for the football season. I encourage you to really let your inner-poet loose and lay out a haiku or two (they obviously don’t need to rhyme, but I’m cool like that all the time).

Let’s see what you got, and to kick it off, I give you one humble and probably misspelled one of my own.

One Foot Down Leader
Why caps lock and poor edit
Emotion runs fast

Well, it won’t be hard to take that down... so have at it. Kind of keep it clean, and if you need a topic, use: SEASON PREDICTION.