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Notre Dame Football Heads To Culver Academy Again For Fall Camp

For the third straight year, Notre Dame Football will begin its fall camp in the friendly surroundings of Culver Military Academy.

God Quad, ND flag

Notre Dame opens the fall season up in very familiar fashion next week. On Friday, August 5, Brian Kelly will hold a press conference to kick things off for the whirlwind that is camp season.

From there, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will travel the short trip to Culver Military Academy in Culver Indiana to begin its fall camp on Saturday, August 6. The first practice is open to the media, but after that, there will be no practice viewings or interviews with the players.

Probably only a few horses will bear witness to the grinding done during camp.

The Irish will stay in Culver until August 10, and then head back to Notre Dame on August 11, and then Brian Kelly will meet with the media. The next day on August 12, players will be made available for interview by the media.

No other schedule has been released at this time for the teams activities once they come back to Notre Dame.

This is the third year in a row that the Fighting Irish will open their fall camp up at Culver, and perhaps we should expect this most every year that Brian Kelly is the head coach. It’s a great way to block out any and all distractions for a team that is learning quite a bit in the first week, as well as a bonding experience for upper classmen and the incoming freshman.

Someone better tell Tim O’Conner that his “office” is quite temporary.

Unfortunately, in a way, we won’t see all the action through the lens of Showtime this year. We won’t see the next “Terry Jillery.” However... we can guess. Just like the old days.