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Will Notre Dame Wear An Alternate Uniform In 2017?

Will Notre Dame wear an alternate uniform in a a season that has no Shamrock Series to explain why they are doing so? If so, who might this game be against?

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Now that Notre Dame has unveiled their uniforms for this years Shamrock  Series game against Army, it's time to start thinking ahead. Well... sort of.

Notre Dame won't have a Shamrock Series game next year. The Campus Crossroads project will be completed by then, and Notre Dame will want to show off that brilliant and wonderful jumbotron as many times as it can do in a season. In 2017, that means 7 home games for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Does that mean that the Irish won't be wearing an alternate uniform in 2017? Considering that both Notre Dame and Under Armour make a nice chunk of change via apparel associated with the special uniforms, I find the idea of not having alternate uniforms at all in the year fairly unlikely.

What game might Notre Dame wear one of these alternate uniforms for in 2017? Let's look at all 12 opponents, because if they do wear alternate uniforms in 2017, who's to say that it will be a home game.


Home opener. Not happening.


The Bulldogs haven't played north of the Mason-Dixon Line since 1965. NINETEEN SIXTY-FIVE! Notre Dame will be in full ceremonial mode for this one. Not happening.

@ Boston College

Last time they played BC was in Fenway for the 2015 Shamrock Series. Probably not happening, unless the white calls for Alter Boy uniforms.

@ Michigan State

Can a throwback be used for the 51st anniversary of the game of the century? Probably not- but still possible.

Miami (OH)

A lot of Parseghian nostalgia here. Maybe a throwback uniform is possible for this one.

@ North Carolina

There are no takes for this game- which probably means an alternate uniform could be used here.

Southern Cal

While the Irish did break out those shiny new helmets for the first time against Southern Cal in 2011, I highly doubt they get creative against their biggest rival.

North Carolina State

Used green jerseys in the Gator Bowl against Georgia Tech and lost. Played North Carolina State in the Gator Bowl and also lost. Not seeing it here.

Wake Forest

Is it in Notre Dame's contract that they play Wake Forest twice as much as the other ACC schools? It sure seems like it. This game seems like a YAWN... and that makes this game PRIME for an alternate uniform.


Seeking redemption for last game against Miami at Miami in 1989. Nope... Business trip.


Far too many elderly statesmen and old school stuff going on that week. And oh yeah, it's Senior Day. Put this is in the HELL NO column.

@ Stanford

Notre Dame ends their season in California and may want to look super fresh in doing so. I could see it.

There you go. If I had to guess, Notre Dame will pull out an alternate uniform either against North Carolina on the road, or at home against Wake Forest- and that's if they even do one at all.