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Which Notre Dame Quarterback Do You Take?

Notre Dame has had a pretty sweet run of quarterbacks for about one century. While there are many to choose from, today there are only two that we will discuss.

Mark Lyons/Getty Images

I am sure half of you are punching your screens right now and screaming (in lower case no doubt), "this article headline is misleading! Vowles, that rotten bastard has done it again! Why aren't we talking about DeShone Kizer and Malik Zaire?!"


Seriously though... A lot of you don't really know me and I don't know you. I wish we had a little more time before the season started to do so (that's a lie- a pure and awesome lie) but it is what it is. So, over the next few weeks, I will do what I do best and throw a ridiculous wrench into a perfectly good cake batter and see if we can learn a bit about one another- at least when it comes to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

To get to know people, I ask questions. I know, it's SOOOO (sorry) 2001 of me. Let's begin by asking you:

Jarious Jackson VS Everett Golson

Both quarterbacks have been, and will historically always be underrated. I don't understand it, and today we find out who you take.

Jarious Jackson was considered by many to be more of a "running" quarterback, but that was far from the truth. Jackson set records in his senior year for yards, attempts, and completions. While he only amassed a 14-9 record as a starter (quite similar to a real running quarterback Carlyle Holiday's 14-7 mark) he magi plays against big opponents.

Everett Golson may be considered more notorious in Irish eyes than heroic. Many are still mad about his eventual transfer to the Florida State Seminoles, and many more can't stop seeing all the turnovers from the second half of the 2014 season. At any rate, his performance in 2012 was incredible. Sure there were plenty of mistakes along the way and he got bailed out by Mr. Thomas Rees a few times, but without Golson, Notre Dame doesn't go 12-0 in one of the greatest regular seasons in the modern era for the Irish.

Who ya got? Poll is open and the comment section is warmed up for all of your hot takes, and of course your critiques of spelling, punctuation, subject matter, intent, and whatever else floats your boat. Have fun!