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Notre Dame Shamrock Series Uniforms Underwhelm And Shine

The most thought provoking Shamrock Series uniform had a lot of people scratching their head and wondering what they just saw.

It was most definitely not camo. In fact, the military theme was as subtle as the hue of colors that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Under Armour finally came up with.

I'm not a fashion expert (although I dress so fetch) and I will never pretend to be one. I am, like many of you, a sports uniform appreciator (whatever that means). So, I have an opinion on the uniform, and there is a strong likelihood that I will share that with you now- without a dissertation on what a uniform should look like.

  • The presentation was awful. The video itself was great, but it needed something else accompining it like a set of real photos. It seemed like just a brief glimpse.
  • That brief glimpse undersold the entire story behind the uniform.
  • The details all throughout the uniform are vast and intricate and needed to be shown.
  • What the hell did I just see?

I felt short-changed, and it wasn't just because my hope of a camo uniform was dead in the water. No, I kind of felt like Notre Dame was sneaking this by, and I wasn't sure why other than the fact that a very vocal part of the fanbase goes crazy (bad crazy) after these uniform unveilings.

So, I waited for a bit as the photos and screenshots started circulating- and then it hit me... I like them.

  • The homage to the military via a World War I frieze above the Basilica door is quite amazing.
  • The font for "Notre Dame" on the chest being the same as the frieze is another wonderful addition that both surprises and satisfies the "duh" factor.
  • Using the colors that adorn the fatigues of the military without using camo is actually quite nice and appropriate.
  • I could still go either way on the helmet, but the more I look at it and the detail put into it, the more I like it.

And there it is. I went from disappointed, to underwhelmed, to quite smitten with them. In the end, the underwhelming nature of it all actually pushed the uniform out to shine- even with the hue of it all.