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Pat Connaughton's "With Us" Foundation

Former ND standout and current two sport pro, Pat Connaughton still finds time to give back

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If you've followed Notre Dame athletics whatsoever in recent years, then you know Pat Connaughton. A two sport athlete (basketball and baseball) while in South Bend, he became a true ambassador for the athletic department. On the court, Pat helped lead Notre Dame men's basketball to an ACC tournament title and an Elite Eight birth. On the mound, he dominated opposing batters with a mid 90s fastball and a competitive spirit that has propelled him to both the NBA and MLB minor leagues. A shooting guard for the Portland Trailblazers, and a starting pitcher in the Baltimore Orioles organization, Connaughton has a busier schedule than most 23 year-olds. But this hasn't stopped him from giving back to the community that helped get him to where he is today.

A few months ago, Pat officially launched the "With Us" foundation, a not-for-profit which aims to help the lesser fortunate have access to resources and experiences that they might not otherwise have. Fresh off a stellar stint in the NBA Summer League in which he averaged 14 points per game highlighted by a deep, game winning three against the Utah Jazz, I was lucky enough to talk with Pat about his new project.

Phil Mosey: What would you say is the mission for the "With Us" foundation?

Pat Connaughton: "With Us" is dedicated to helping those less fortunate, especially kids, in the areas of personal development, education, and medical research. Our goal is to provide people with experiences that they wouldn't otherwise have the chance to take part in. Whether it's through scholarships or programs run through the foundation, I'm hoping that people will be able to say that their experiences and time spent with us helped shape a portion of their life that wouldn't have been shaped otherise, our slogan being "With Us, you can make a difference."

First camp was a success! Thank you to all who attended & helped make it possible ☄#WithUs

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PM: How do you and your team at "With Us" plan on reaching these goals?

PC: I believe that as we are able to share the goals of "With Us" to those in the Notre Dame community and beyond, people will be able to not only see the vision but the work we have been able to do as time goes on. That will hopefully spark a sense of togetherness for them to want to donate and know they are truly making a difference in someone's life. "With Us" is still in its beginning stages and I'm hoping in the next few months we are able to launch one or two campaigns to really help grow not only the awareness but the endowment of the foundation as well so we can start to make that difference we're talking about.

PM: How does it feel to have your former ND teammates like Jerian Grant, Demetrius Jackson, and Zach Auguste helping out with camps, fundraising, etc.?

PC: I've realized there are a lot of people (athletes and non-athletes) that want to be a part of some sort of philanthropy to help have an impact on the next generation, but the problem is that they often don't have the time or the means to start the foundation or charity themselves. My thoughts are that with this foundation and my connections through Notre Dame, the NBA, the MLB and beyond I will be able to provide the means for people to give back together.

PM: Where can people go for more info about "With Us", or if they want to donate, enroll for a camp, etc?

PC: Our site is I'm hoping to revamp the website in the coming months to make it easier to use and update. Our social media handles on both Twitter and Instagram are @WithUs_5 which people can follow and stay up to date. Our email is

PM: Lastly, I've got to ask about that football video you tweeted that went viral a few weeks ago. Do you see yourself taking Tom Brady's job?

PC: I'm hoping to complete the trifecta of drafts sometime before 2019 so we'll see if it's Tom Brady's job that I'm taking or someone else's if he's retired.