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Strong Likelihood Notre Dame Wears Camo Uniforms

After years of begging and prayers left unanswered, Notre Dame might finally be ready to wear camo uniforms.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If any of you have followed me for even just a short period of time on social media or through my various other writings- you already know I'm pumped. My value scale holds camo, dreadlocks, neck tattoos, and inexpensive american lagers in the highest regard. So... this is setting me on fire:

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are all set to play the Army Black Knights in San Antonio for this years version of the Shamrock Series. While much focus for the uniform for each game of the series is primarily on Notre Dame itself, this year may include a special nod to the opponent.


The video made special mention of the Notre Dame creed of "God, Country, Notre Dame," and it's that mention that has this writer firmly believing that the uniforms this year will be camouflage of some type.

For years I have lived under the assumption that this day would come and I even held another firm belief that the uniform would consist of a blue, gold, and green camo mix. That part, I may have mistaken.

Although that tweet was published on Monday, Notre Dame likes to "theme" things out.

So, with all that said, I think the most logical uniform choice for Notre Dame in the Shamrock Series is an all gold, camo look. All gold is something that Notre Dame has yet to do in these Shamrock Series games, and I'm going all in on the bet that they do it this year.

We will all find out this Thursday when Notre Dame unveils the uniforms to a fanbase delirious with anticipation for CAMO CAMO CAMO CAMO ROCKING EVERYWHERE!

Okay... maybe it's just me and a handful of really awesome people, but I'm seriously excited to see if this is what's happening.