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Notre Dame Posts Pokeman Go Pics, And Fans Go Nuts

Notre Dame had some fun recently with Pokeman Go, and a large amount of Fighting Irish fans were having none of it.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish social media team was just looking to have some fun. They took the new and insanely popular Pokeman Go app and had a little stroll around campus. What they posted blew people's minds...

While this seems like just fun people doing fun things, a large amount of the comments on Notre Dame's Facebook were from people that were not so amused.

While I am no expert when it comes to Pokeman...

People should really lighten the hell up. This is the middle of July, and the Notre Dame social media people can't do enough weight-lifting, running, or film breakdown to help the Notre Dame Fighting Irish win a single game this year. The scales will not weigh in the favor of a loss simple because this pic of a strange blue and pink thing hovering in the stadium exists.

Calm down y'all.