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2017 Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Safety Big Board

Still waiting for our first commit at the position.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the OFD recruiting Big Board for Fighting Irish Football. Today we are looking at Notre Dame's safety dance targets.

Score Player State Ht/Wt. Temperature 1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
.994 Jeffrey Okudah TX 6-2/194 Cold
.986 JaCoby Stevens TN 6-2/200 Cold
.972 Devon Hunter VA 6-1/205 Cool
.970 Maleik Gray TN
6-2/185 Cool
.967 Todd Harris LA
6-0/180 Cool
.950 Daniel Wright
6-2/175 Cool
.946 Grant Delpit TX 6-3.5/181 Cool
Chaz Ah You
.918 CJ Avery MS
6-1/195 Cold
.917 Malcom Askew AL
6-0/175 Cool
.914 Isaiah Pola-Mao AZ 6-4/190 Cool
.913 Tank Robinson SC 5-11/190 Cool
.907 Jaylen Kelly-Powell MI 6-0/183 Mild
.894 RJ Potts IN
.891 Keldrick Carper LA 6-3/185 Mild
.876 KJ Jarrell AZ 6-3/175 Cool
.850 Amari Carter FL 6-2/180 Warm

Entering the Field

No offers have gone out to new safety targets since our last update.

In Play

Five-star Jeffrey Okudah has been trending to Ohio State. Word is that he and five-star linebacker Baron Browning would like to attend school together. Browning is also heavily interested in Ohio State. Of course the two will likely make whatever decision is best for them personally, but that's just another obstacle Notre Dame will face in its recruitment of Browning.

JaCoby Stevens released a Top 7 a few days ago that included five SEC schools plus Florida State and Clemson.

Virginia Tech is still looking really good for Devon Hunter. He recently got to meet former Hokie and current Seahawk, Kam Chancellor. Must be great being a Top 100 recruit.

Maleik Gray will be competing at the Opening Finals. He's got a Top 3 of Florida State, Tennessee, and Alabama (in  that order).

Todd Harris still looks like a lock to home-state LSU. He just finished up a visit to LSU a few days ago. He'll also be competing at the Opening Finals.

Daniel Wright recently announced that he will be transferring to St. Thomas Aquinas for his senior year of high school. That's the school of current ND commit Drew White. The only way Notre Dame would have a shot here is if Daniel makes it up for a visit this summer. We'll see if that happens.

Grant Delpit will be transferring to IMG Academy for his senior year. Some serious talent will be playing in Bradenton this year. They have something like a dozen recruits (maybe more) rated as a 4-star or better in the 2017 class. Plus about another half-dozen 3-stars.

Notre Dame is still somewhere in the top group for Chaz Ah You, though probably not his leader. Getting him back for another summer visit and then again for an official visit will be key.

CJ Avery is currently planning to commit to some SEC school some time in the fall. Of course, he didn't specify the SEC part. But it's pretty much a given for him at this point.

Davondre Robinson's name has been changed to Tank Robinson on 247Sports. I like the sound of that better, so I'm running with the change. Anyway, he released a Top 10 a few weeks ago and Notre Dame is on it. The Irish still probably have no shot here unless he visits sometime in the summer -- which likely isn't happening.

Malcom Askew came out with a Top Ten and Notre Dame did not make the list. He is currently on a week-long visit to Auburn.

Isaiah Pola-Mao just received an offer from USC this week, which could shake up his recruitment. Washington appears to be in the lead right now, and they'll get a visit from him next month.

Notre Dame just can't seem to make up any ground on Michigan for Jaylen Kelly-Powell. He visited South Bend again in the middle of May, but this one is still beginning to look like a long shot.

Remember around this time last year when everyone seemed really confident that Notre Dame would land at least one, probably two out of Isaiah Pryor, Paris Ford, and RJ Potts? Then Pryor committed to Ohio State, Ford committed to Pitt, and now Potts doesn't even appear to be much of a target for the staff. Recruiting, amirite?

Notre Dame is in the top 2 for Keldrick Carper along with Georgia. There was an article that came out recently about what kind of person Keldrick is, and he sounds like the right kind of guy for Notre Dame.

KJ Jarrell keeps reeling in offers. He's added TCU, Illinois, Michigan State, Vanderbilt, and USC to his offer list over the past few weeks.

Notre Dame is still in a really good spot to land Pam Beach Gardens' Amari Carter. He will be in town for Irish Invasion and should make a decision later on in the fall.

Off the Board

Xavier McKinney remains committed to Alabama. I'm taking him off the board until Notre Dame makes any kind of headway with him.