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My Goodbye to One Foot Down

The time has come for me to say goodbye to One Foot Down.

I'm not DeShone Kizer but this is my look right now.
I'm not DeShone Kizer but this is my look right now.
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

I have been writing about Notre Dame for nearly a decade and spent the last 7 years, first as the co-manager, and then the lone manager here at One Foot Down. It was some 62 months ago that Whiskey and I were approached by SB Nation to come join their family.

Back then we were a small blog but we knew SBN would give us a popular platform to grow and that we had the initiative and desire to provide the world with a quality Notre Dame site. At the time we were excited but also conscious of the fact that we'd be stepping into a larger playing field where the future was sometimes unknown but agreed all the same that we'd try our best to ride the wave for as long as possible.

For Whiskey, this blog's original founder, that time came several years ago and now it's time for me to paddle into shore.

I'd like to thank Whiskey for bringing me on board, I'd like to thank SB Nation for being great partners for us, and I'd especially like to thank all of my fellow writers who have written so many articles over the years, given this site so much of their time, and put up with all my long-winded emails.

Most importantly, I'd like to thank all of our readers and commentators for spending so much time with us, for building our community, and for making OFD a place that could tackle serious issues with aplomb while also bringing enough levity to any situation. Somehow, through the years we rarely had any trolls or troublemakers--it's an internet miracle. That is due to our commentators setting the tone as much as our writers.

This wasn't an easy decision. If you've ever read any of these farewell posts from other writers the one common theme is that one year on a blog feels like triple that amount of time. The football seasons get shorter while the off-seasons gets longer and longer. When you add in real life concerns this whole adventure gets more difficult the older you get.

I am in need of a change and the chance to re-energize myself. The SBN network continues to grow at a rapid pace and I'm at the point in my life today where I can't provide the type of management they need from a major Notre Dame site. This is 100% my choice because I feel that this blog is better off long-term in the hands of someone else.

I will be around for a little while longer as I finish up my summer opponent previews for the football team but once the USC Trojans are covered it will be my final article at One Foot Down. The SBN team is going to be interviewing for my vacant manager role starting immediately (if you're interested in succeeding me, you can find more information here) and by July I will be gone.

Although I am leaving OFD this isn't goodbye forever. I have a project I've been working on for a while and I'll be around writing in a different capacity which I will share with the world soon.

Until then, you can follow me on Twitter @EMMurtaugh or you can always contact me at if you'd like to talk to me about the future.

Thank you for everything over the years.