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2017 Notre Dame Football Big Board: Defensive Backs

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There is both quality and quantity on our defensive back board. Lot and lots of quantity...

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Welcome back to the OFD recruiting Big Board for Fighting Irish football.

Score Player State Ht/Wt. Temperature 1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
.995 Darnay Holmes CA 5-10/190 Cool
.992 Deangelo Gibbs GA 6-2/204 Cool
.983 Stanford Samuels III FL 6-2/175 Cold
.979 Thomas Graham CA 5-11/170 Mild
.974 Jamyest Williams GA 5-9/170 Mild
.964 Deommodore Lenoir CA 6-0/182 Cold
.960 Chevin Calloway TX 5-10/180 Cool
.947 Ambry Thomas MI 6-0/170 Mild
.926 Amir Riep OH 6-0/180 Mild
.912 Kary Vincent LA 5-11/170 Cool >
.908 Jaylon Redd CA 5-9/180 Cool
.898 Saiid Adebo TX 6-1/177 Warm
.887 Latavious Brini FL 6-2/180 Cool
.874 Elijah Gates CA 5-10/170 Mild
Entering the Field

Deommodore Lenoir gave a Twitter shout out to Mike Denbrock after a recent visit by the coach, but so far the Irish haven't gained much traction since offering last month. He just named USC his leader, so there's that too.

Kary Vincent, a Louisiana resident and Texas A&M legacy, sounded very excited about a recent offer from LSU. He has some interest in Notre Dame and Todd Lyght, but it will probably be a tough job to get him out of the South.

Jaylon Redd just picked up a Notre Dame offer and seems like he could give the Irish a serious look. Like Vincent, though, he might be tough to pull from his home region, with UCLA and Oregon in particular catching his eye.

Latavious Brini also picked up a Notre Dame offer recently and also will be a tough pull from Florida, where he's looking closely at all his in-state options.

With all four of these guys, I think it'll be very important to get them to visit over the summer. If they don't...

In Play

Darnay Holmes has talked about visiting Notre Dame in the past but that's about as far as it's gone. We'll see what happens. He seems more likely to stay out west, but Nebraska is almost inexplicably gaining some confidence here.

Georgian Deangelo Gibbs said recently that he'll likely end up in the SEC, which probably isn't much of a surprise to anyone. He said a couple of months ago that he "definitely" wanted to visit Notre Dame in the offseason, but nothing has materialized or even is rumored.

Stanford Samuels III will play also quarterback for his high school team this year, which of course says something about his athleticism. As we've noted here many times, he's an FSU legacy who will be difficult to pull away from the Noles.

Thomas Graham, long a soft commitment to USC, made his decommitment official. Graham is high on Notre Dame and should be in for Irish Invasion - perhaps he'll even be on commit watch.

Jamyest Williams came away from the January junior day extremely high on Notre Dame - and we mean extremely, putting the Irish in his top five - but there hasn't really been any news on him since then. He'll be at The Opening regional event in Ohio this week.

Chevin Calloway has visited Arkansas and Texas, and picked up an offer from Auburn. Busy times. He's the former high school teammate of current Irish corner Nick Watkins.

Ambry Thomas told Rivals the other day that he likes talking technique with Todd Lyght. Yeah, you know, Super Bowl champion, Pro Bowler, NCAA champion, All-American... He might have some interesting things to say. Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State are the primary competition here.

Amir Riep is up to 45 scholarship offers now, with the most recent golden tickets coming from USC, UCLA, and Vandy - as Adam Sandler would say, not too shabby...

Saiid Adebo is very high on the Irish; if things continue to trend the way they are right now, he could be on commit watch at Irish Invasion. An interesting twist is that he just said yesterday that he'd like to get an offer from Texas; whether that's because he wants to collect offers or because Texas could make a move for him with an offer, I don't know. It bears watching. This kid is under-ranked too - he would be a really good addition to the class.

Elijah Gates has picked up offers recently from Michigan, TCU, and San Jose State. At one point he was trending very hard towards Notre Dame, but that seems to have cooled a bit lately. He was very impressed by Oregon on a recent visit with his parents, which might have something to do with that. He's planning on attending Irish Invasion.

Off the Board

William Poole committed to Georgia.

Tyrell Ajian committed to Kentucky.

AJ Terrell released a finalist group of Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Notre Dame never got a serious look here.

Score Player State Ht/Wt. Temperature 1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
.994 Jeffrey Okudah TX 6-2/194 Cold
.988 JaCoby Stevens TN 6-2/200 Cold
.979 Devon Hunter VA 6-3/210 Mild
.971 Todd Harris LA 6-0/180 Cool
.953 Daniel Wright FL 6-2/175 Cool
.951 Chaz Ah You UT 6-1/172 Mild
.946 Grant Delpit TX 6-3.5/181 Mild
.943 Xavier McKinney GA 6-1/170 Cool
.928 Malcolm Askew AL 6-0/175 Cold
.919 CJ Avery MS 6-1/196 Cool
.913 Davondre Robinson SC 5-11/190 Cool
.914 Isaiah Pola-Mao AZ 6-4/190 Mild
.907 Jaylen Kelly-Powell MI 6-0/183 Mild
.900 Keldrick Carper LA 6-3/185 Cool
.896 RJ Potts GA 5-9/170 Cool
.876 KJ Jarrell AZ 6-3/175 Cool
.844 Amari Carter FL 6-2/180 Mild
Entering the Field

The Irish staff has been in touch with Todd Harris for a while and finally pulled the trigger on an offer. Watch to see if a visit materializes.

The Irish made a big move for Chaz Ah You when got his offer and he visited with his father in March. He should be back for an official at some point.

Grant Delpit named Oklahoma his leader just yesterday, specifically mentioning how well he has clicked with Kerry Cooks. Not good news for the Irish, of course.

Davondre Robinson has built a good relationship with Autry Denson and intends to visit Notre Dame at some point, perhaps for Irish Invasion, now that he has an offer.

Isaiah Pola-Mao's recruitment is expanding - on the same day he added a Notre Dame offer he also picked one up from USC. As usual here, especially with regional kids, watch the visits.

Keldrick Carper just competed in the Louisiana state track and field meet. He placed second in the 110 hurdles, second in the triple jump, and third in the long jump. Kid's got some skills.

KJ Jarrell earned a Notre Dame offer just before the calendar page flipped. UCLA, Washington, Arizona, and Arizona State are key players here as well.

In Play

Jeffrey Okudah has repeatedly referred to Ohio State as his leader, with Meyer and Greg Schiano making a big impression on the former New Jersey and current Texas resident. Notre Dame is probably in the race based on earlier comments from Okudah, but as an extreme long shot.

Jacoby Stevens is "excited" that Michigan is holding a satellite camp at his school. Blech. Georgia, Tennessee, and LSU are major players here as well.

Devon Hunter has talked about summer visits to a number of schools, but not Notre Dame. Feel free to read between the lines there. UNC and Virginia Tech are probably his main schools now.

Daniel Wright tweeted a top 11 of Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Maryland, Miami, Ohio State, USC... and, yes, Notre Dame. Wright has already talked about taking an official visit to Notre Dame. FSU is in a strong position for him now, but this is recruiting and therefore everything about it is subject to change.

Xavier McKinney is committed to Alabama but continues to entertain other coaches and plan visits to other schools. Like I said, 'tis recruiting. Florida is the most recent visitor.

Auburn is trending for Malcolm Askew, who just picked up an offer from TCU to give him 53 total. Nuts.

CJ Avery plans to enroll early, which could be especially helpful at a school with a thin depth chart at safety. (Hint hint, CJ.) Mississippi State, the hometown team, has been trending for him recently.

Jaylen Kelly-Powell seems to have Michigan pulling away from Michigan State and Notre Dame a bit. There's no accounting for taste, as they say.

RJ Potts is headed to the Army All-American game. There hasn't been anything to report really about his recruitment in a really long time - I'll be interested to see if he makes it to Irish Invasion.

Amari Carter recently named Miami his leader, but he's locked in for Irish Invasion and it would be stunning if Notre Dame doesn't get least a legitimate shot here.  He is the former teammate of current Irish players Te'Von Coney and Spencer Perry.