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Transfer Psyche Out: Tight End Tyler Luatua Coming Back to Notre Dame

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Well, he wasn't gone that long.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Add another scholarship back to Notre Dame's roster. After announcing his intention to transfer back in January following the conclusion of the Fiesta Bowl, rising junior tight end Tyler Luatua is staying at Notre Dame.

According to, Luatua's plan was to stick it out through the conclusion of this academic semester before leaving but has changed his mind and will continue going to school at Notre Dame, in addition to re-joining the football team. Following his wish to transfer Luatua did not participate in football practices this spring.

He re-joins a suddenly deep group of tight ends as the Irish moved redshirt junior Jacob Matuska from the defensive line this spring and also have redshirt junior Durham Smythe, redshirt sophomore Nic Weishar, and sophomore Alize Jones among the position.

The addition of Luatua brings Notre Dame to 83 scholarships before yearly aid could be given to walk-ons like Josh Anderson and Montgomery VanGorder.