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2017 Notre Dame Football Big Board: QB/RB

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We're in the dog days of spring - not much going on until summer camps start. But we're dedicated, so we'll bring you what we can.

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Welcome back to the OFD recruiting Big Board for Fighting Irish football.

We're mixing things up here thanks to the able assistance of one of our newer contributors, ThePolishAmbassador. We'll split the load between the two of us and start putting out two Big Board posts per week, one on Wednesdays and one on Fridays. Enjoy!

Score Player State Ht/Wt. Temperature 1* 2* 3* 4* 5*

Not a typo - the 2017 quarterback board is officially empty, and likely to stay that way.

Off the Board

Avery Davis is Irish! He's extremely solid, and Notre Dame is looking for one quarterback in this class. So that's pretty much it.

Hendon Hooker committed to Virginia Tech less than a week after Davis pledged to the Irish. Notre Dame didn't resonate with him on his trip, so he moved on and the staff pushed harder for Davis.

One little thought on Hunter Johnson, who passed on Notre Dame before committing to Tennessee and ultimately flipping to Clemson, to close out the 2017 QB discussion. I've seen a lot of chatter about how some people aren't impressed by Mike Sanford because he couldn't close on his top target in the 2017 class; personally, I think that's a big fat pile of hooey [edited because this is a family show]. Yes, Johnson was absolutely the top prospect on the board and he didn't commit to Notre Dame. However... I wrote a bunch more but I'll cut it down to this: I don't know what else Sanford could've done, and I think that this situation is hardly as cut and dried as "Sanford lost."

And, you know, Davis ain't exactly chopped liver. Kid can chuck it and just ran a 10.38 leg in the 4x100 relay. I look forward to the Wimbush-to-Book(maybe)-to-Davis pipeline.

Running Back
Score Player State Ht/Wt. Temperature 1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
.999 Najee Harris CA 6-2/220 Cold
.989 Cam Akers MS 5-11/215 Cold
.983 Stephen Carr CA 6-0/195 Mild
.973 Anthony McFarland MD 5-9/189 Cold
.966 Toneil Carter TX 5-11/205 Cold
.961 Ty Chandler TN 5-11/190 Mild
.957 Colin Wilson FL 6-1/220 Cold
.903 Devan Barrett FL 6-1/230 Cool

Entering the Field

Mississippi five-star Cam Akers just picked up a Notre Dame offer a couple of weeks ago. I would be pleasantly surprised if we got a visit out of him at some point, and utterly shocked (charitably speaking) if we get traction, let alone get a commitment. Still, can't hurt to try for the #15 overall player.

In Play

Najee Harris still plans to take a pile of visits despite his commitment to Alabama. Worth noting is that Michigan will have a satellite camp this summer at Harris's high school, which is just one of 28 satellite camps they'll have, in June, around the US and Australia (I'm not making this up). I get taking advantage of the rule, but at some point it becomes a bit excessive, no?

Stephen Carr had a huge day at his team's 7-on-7 tournament, reinforcing his star status.

ESPN just bumped Anthony McFarland up to #55. He has some interest in the Irish but will need to get out for a visit before anything gets serious.

Nothing much to report on Toneil Carter, other than that he recently named a top four of Georgia, LSU, Michigan State, and Texas A&M, and immediately said it was subject to change. Ah, recruiting.

Ty Chandler tweeted that he'll release his top schools soon. Oh, you coy little boy you... He's drawing a lot of SEC attention, but there is legitimate interest in Notre Dame. Look for a potential visit for Irish Invasion.

Colin Wilson's recruitment is fairly quiet, one assumes not by accident. The Irish are in this one too but, again. they need to get a visit to be a serious player. And again, keep an eye on Irish Invasion.

Devan Barrett just picked up a Michigan State offer. He has built a solid connection with Autry Denson, but there's not a whole lot of movement with any school right now for him and nothing to update for Notre Dame. He did a short interview with the hometown Tampa Bay Times recently; he doesn't really tip anything there, but, well, it's something.

Off the Board

Trey Sermon committed to Oklahoma.

AJ Dillon, grandson of former Irish great Thom Gatewood, committed to Michigan. It's unfortunate because of the family connection, but I don't think the Notre Dame staff lost a lot of sleep over this one. They have other backs rated higher who are better fits, and Dillon's ability is probably better suited to Harbaugh's offense. Also, Dillon wants to play running back, and believed Michigan when they told him they wouldn't move him to linebacker but for some reason was never quite confident in the Notre Dame coaches' promise of the same.