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Trick Shot Wednesday: Pre-Finals Week 2016

Because we love our hockey, goshdarnit, and you don't want to study for those pesky finals anyways.

Andrew Shaw celebrates his goal against the St. Louis Blues in Game 6.
Andrew Shaw celebrates his goal against the St. Louis Blues in Game 6.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Now that the excitement of the Blue-Gold Game has died down somewhat, and the droves of Irish faithful have once more left our campus to its own devices, we brace ourselves for that most stressful of seasons. NHL postseason? Yes, but no. Tax season? Well, that's plenty stressful, but not that one either. I'm speaking, of course, about Finals season. Yes, that most beloved of seasons when students hide from the sunlight (more than usual, anyways), develop raccoon eyes, hunch over their keyboards in dark corners of the library, and hiss at anyone who approaches them wielding a bar of soap.

To break up the dreariness of these last days of the semester, we've brought you something a bit different than the usual fare. With the NHL playoffs entering the second round, we're featuring ND's adopted "local team," the Chicago Blackhawks. Although the Blackhawks got bounced in Game 7 by the St. Louis Blues, they still produced some highly entertaining hockey. In this week's header photo, we've got 'Hawks player (and infamous pest) Andrew Shaw whooping it up after scoring against the Blues in Game 6. Love him or hate him (full disclosure: I'm a Red Wings fan, so I'll withhold my opinion), he sure does strike some entertaining poses. Give us some solid captions to go with it!

Last Week's Winners

--And our winner is...gambit1077, whom we haven't seen in this spot for a long time! Welcome back to the top!

Thanks to all who participated!