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Trick Shot Wednesday: Blue and Gold All Over

Even if it's only for one weekend, it's good to have football back in South Bend.

Malik Zaire (#8) reaches back for an overthrown snap as Josh Adams (#33) looks on.
Malik Zaire (#8) reaches back for an overthrown snap as Josh Adams (#33) looks on.
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Following weeks of bizarre "spring" weather in which the annual Holy Half-Marathon on campus was cancelled due to heavy snow (yes, in April), the sunshine arrived just in time to welcome the crowds of Notre Dame faithful who came to watch the annual glorified scrimmage Blue-Gold Game. With a new format designed to pit two potential starting quarterbacks against one another, the game lived up to its expectations--though the game-winner actually came from unheralded dark horse (and Vice President of the Notre Dame Finer Things Club) Montgomery VanGorder.

Since we finally have some fresh football photos, this week you shall all have the opportunity to slap some captions or photoshops onto this photo of Malik Zaire reaching back for an errant snap while Josh Adams frowns at him with some concern. And before you ask...yes, Malik is majoring in Film, Television, and Theatre. So go crazy with your scathing condemnations of "THE BLUE-GOLD GAME IS NO PLACE FOR DANCING" or "FOOTBAW IS SRS BUSINESS U GAIS," I won't stop you.

Last Week's Winners

--Much like the Masters itself (themselves? arrrrggghhh this tournament is a grammatical nightmare), last week's TSW featuring Arnie and Jack was a rather quiet, reserved affair...with a couple exceptions. In second place was tlndma with a sad-trombone-worthy exchange:

--Taking home the gold this week was occtipus, who made some--ahem--rather preposterous assumptions about the two elderly gentlemen depicted.

You sonofagun. Enjoy your Internet trophy.